e-Commerce partnerships for Amazon and beyond

  • E-commerce can be painful

    Every brand and every company has to find the right answers to today's e-commerce challenges. The area of conflict between existing retailers, Amazon and customers can be tough. For many companies Amazon and other marketplaces are the biggest opportunity and risk at the same time. We believe that a good partnership is the prerequisite for successful e-commerce strategy.

    Our Approach: Cooperations

    We believe that no one understands the market, customer and competition better than the current market leaders. At the same time e-commerce and Amazon is our playground. In cooperation with existing manufacturers we develop vertically integrated e-commerce-only brands. We combine industry leading manufacturing expertise with our sales expertise to operate successful e-commerce brands.


    Cooperation models are great, but not always feasible. Therefore, we work in a consulting model for selected projects.

    We are happy to offer our know-how in the area of:

    • Strategic marketing/ sales planning and execution for Amazon business models
    • Amazon brand management and protection
    • Internationalisation of brands to other Amazon marketplaces
    • Creating controlling and finance excellence
    • Customer and review excellence
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